Watson Lawrence

Unit Coordinator and Agriculture Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources - Crop and Soil Sciences

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Work Experience

Watson came to Extension with 20 years experience as a self-employed farmer in Gates, North Carolina where he commercially produced grain, peanuts, soybeans, hogs, and chickens.

Watson currently conducts educational programs in the area of agronomic crop production. He serves as an appointed Director for the VA-Dare Soil and Water Conservation District and works on issues important to water quality management. He also sits on many committees as the Cities representative to the agricultural community. He has expertise in conducting on-farm tests in the areas of field crop production. He is also involved in promoting direct marketing for small-scale farms.


  • 2000-Master of Science-Horticulture-Virginia Tech Institute and State University
  • 1976-Bachelor of Science-Agronomy-North Carolina State University


  • 1997-Current -Director Virginia Dare Soil & Water Conservation District
  • 1997-Current -Secretary Chesapeake Farm Bureau Board of Directors
  • 1995-2003-Director N. C. State University Agricultural Foundation
  • 1976-1996-Commercial Farmer-Self Employed
  • 1996-Associate Extension Agent-VCE Chesapeake
  • 2000 - Extension Agent-VCE Chesapeake
  • 2000-2014 - V.P.; President Elect; President; Past President-Virginia AG Agents Association 
  • 2001-Current- Chesapeake Agricultural Advisory Commission
  • 2002-Director of Agriculture-City of Chesapeake
  • 2002-Extension Agent-Unit Coordinator-VCE Chesapeake
  • 2013 - Senior Extension Agent-Unit Coordinator-VCE Chesapeake


  • 2014 - Distinguished Service Award-Virginia Association of Agriculture Extension Agents
  • 2011 Soil Fumigation Outreach and Education Series Award; State Winner-Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • 2011 Communications Award; State Winner-Virginia Association Agriculture Extension Agents
  • 2009 Pesticide Disposal Award; State Winner-Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • 2009 Southeast District Programming Award; Impact Category-VCE  
  • 2007 Communications Award-Southeastern U. S. Regional Winner-Individual Newsletter-National Association County Agricultural Agents
  • 2005 State Team Award-Epsilon Sigma Phi
  • 2005 Pesticide Disposal Award-Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • 2004 Watershed Connections Outstanding Director Award Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts
  • 2003 Plastic Pesticide Container Recycling Award-Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • 2001 Communications Award-State Winner
  • Virginia Association Agricultural Extension Agents-Video Tape/TV

Major Efforts

Row Crop production is the largest agricultural enterprise in Chesapeake. Major efforts in Extension Education are to improve production practices and stimulate farm income. Efforts are directed towards written, instructional as well as on-farm demonstration.

Watson Lawrence